LED Lighting

LED lighting is better for the environment and for your energy costs!

The Commercial sector has the potential to make massive savings with LED lighting.

LED lighting is ideal for large interiors such as retail outlets, warehouses and mass storage spaces because they don’t consume as much energy as standard lighting, are more resistant to damage and extreme temperatures, and require minimum maintenance.

Commercial Electrical LED Lighting

On average, up to 50% of electricity consumption in UK businesses is through their lighting. Switching to an LED model can help companies to cut their fixed costs dramatically.

LEDs are also becoming popular among offices thanks to their influence in productivity. Lighting is a key element to having a productive and healthy workplace as it influences our mood and performance.

Poor lighting can lead to fatigue and eye-strain and a good one can improve employees’ performance.

If you want to change the lighting in your workplace, we’re happy to help you out!

Domestic Electrical LED Lighting

In a standard household environment, lighting represents as much as 40% of the overall electrical energy consumption.

By switching to LED, a considerable amount of money can be saved due to the lower wattage’s of the lights and the need to replace them less frequently.

Lighting is also one of the most important factors that can transform the feeling of a room.Thanks to the wide range of colour temperatures LED lighting, you can change from functional lighting during the day to a relaxing atmosphere at night.

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Retail Electrical LED Lighting

Whether you rent or own your site, LED lighting saves you money on your running costs.

It’s also important for any type of retail business as it provides a well-lit, attractive space for shopping.

Combined, these factors mean LED lighting makes it more profitable to trade.

School Electrical LED Lighting

As a head teacher or school site manager you are likely to be looking at ways to save on costs associated with the day to day running of your school.

Lighting can use up to 50% of the electricity consumption in your school.

Furthermore, changing your school’s lighting to an LED model can reduce your lighting bill up to 80% when combined with a better use of daylight, and the installation of motion sensors which switch off lights in empty classrooms.

LED lighting could reduce your lighting bill by up to 80%.

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